How to make money online on Fiverr? Complete Guide 2021

How to make money online on Fiverr? Nowadays, those looking for freelance job opportunities have a much better chance of finding them than in the past. This is possible thanks to the digital world that offers many more possibilities than a simple bulletin board or a job agency could do.

Over the last few years, several platforms have been created where the demand for services from professionals meets the offer of specialists in the sector. One of these is Fiverr, a marketplace where freelancers and industry professionals can offer their services to companies, agencies, and private clients.

This is a way to achieve, in a very short period of time, a good level of autonomy both in terms of profits and the possibility of doing one’s work from anywhere in the world.

How to make money online on Fiverr? Complete Guide 2021
How to make money online on Fiverr? Complete Guide 2021

In this article we will explain what Fiverr is, how it works and how to make money online.

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What is Fiverr?

How does Fiverr work?

Fiverr Pro

How to get started on Fiverr?

How to be found on Fiverr?

How much do you earn with Fiverr?

What is Fiverr?
What is Fiverr?

Make money On Fiverr

The company Fiverr International Ltd was founded in 2010 in Tel Aviv by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger and today can count on further offices opened, for example in Miami, New York, San Francisco and Chicago. The platform was immediately a great success and by 2012 it had reached more than 600,000 gigs.

The platform was born with the idea of ​​offering services starting from $ 5 and from this derives the name Fiverr, composed of the word “fiver” which means “five pound note or dollars”. The aim was to “productivize” services to promote an increase in employment. A way to attract customers because, given the affordability of the price, people feel safer to invest their money.

The projects on Fiverr are called “gig” which is an informal American English word and indicates a casual, temporary job. On the platform, activities are generally carried out remotely, in smart working mode.

At the beginning the offer of services was limited to 5 dollars, today instead users have the possibility to ask for any amount in exchange for their work, in fact generally the expert freelancers offer their projects starting from 100 dollars up to even 500 dollars and more.

You can find experts specialized in different sectors who offer their services to anyone looking for quality.

How does Fiverr work? How to make money online on Fiverr? Complete Guide 2021

Fiverr is very popular in the United States and a little less in Italy. The site can be set up in different languages, in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch. You also have the option of arranging the currency to your liking.

It is ideal for both freelancers and for those looking for performance for their business, just go to the official Fiverr website to become a seller or to find freelance services.

Freelancers have the opportunity to be able to earn based on their skills thanks to work commissions that can also come, for example, from people who are looking for a collaboration.

Registering on Fiverr is very simple, just enter your e-mail address and a password or you can use the other access options, that is, via your Facebook, Google or Apple account. It is also free and there are no specific requirements. You can sell and buy services using the same account.

The skills will then be demonstrated by the reputation that will gradually take shape on the platform and which will strictly depend on the reviews released by the users for whom one has worked and on the personal portfolio.

As soon as registered, the profile is presented as a “New Seller”, ie a new seller. After that, as more and more jobs are carried out, obtaining positive reviews, you can aim to become a “Top Rated Seller”, or top seller. The higher you rank, the more benefits you get.

The site is divided into eight categories which are:

Graphics and Design;
Digital Marketing;
Writing and Translation;
Music and Audio;
Programming and Technology;
Then there are SECTORS which is divided into:

Publication of books and ebooks;
Political campaigns;
Real estate sector.
Of course, each of these categories is divided into different sub-categories such as “Graphics and Design”. Among the different items there is “Logo and Brand identity” which is further divided into “Logo design”; “Style guide by brand”; “Business cards and headed paper“.

The platform is equipped with a search engine where the professionals appear below
the most sought after and currently the most popular are:

Construction of websites;
Logo design;
How Fiverr works
The mechanism is simple, there is a seller who publishes an ad regarding one of his works, or a gig, and then there is a buyer who buys the service. The seller from the profit must deduct the 20% withheld by Fiverr and the commission costs of PayPal.

For guidance in choosing sellers, buyers can use the feedback and reviews released by previous customers.

Users, i.e. the seller and the buyer, can communicate with each other via the Fiverr messaging system.

To complete a sale, certain agreements must first be reached, such as, for example, an estimate of the project completion time.

Fiverr Pro Make money on Fiverr

In addition, for those looking for high-quality services, there is Fiverr Pro. This is a section within the site completely dedicated to certified professionals. Not everyone can become a Seller Pro.
In fact, the site reads verbatim: “Only 1% of candidates earn Pro status. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that every Pro you contact offers the highest quality and the best service.
… What makes our Pros different from normal pros? In addition to excelling in their fields, they have years of professional experience behind them and have worked with high-level clients on projects that have made them elite professionals. Not only will your result be amazing, but your interaction will be too. “.

Buyers who are looking for Pro services will find the “Fiverr Pro” link under the heading “Other from Fiverr” where, once clicked, they will have a special search engine and the services on offer at their disposal.

How to get started on Fiverr?
To start earning online on Fiverr it is necessary to register for free, which as we have previously seen in the paragraph “How Fiverr works” is practical and fast.

Upon receipt of the email with a verification link and after confirming your e-mail address, your account will be verified. Once you have logged in, you access your profile page where you have several sections available where you can enter all the information concerning your professional skills and what services you offer, or gigs. Therefore, once the profile has been created, it is necessary to move on to the realization of the gigs which consists in entering information relating to the service that is being offered such as the description of the project and everything that is included in the service.

A gig usually contains all the information about the service you are offering, a title, a description and a list of everything that is included in the service.

It is also necessary to insert an image that will appear in all previews, it can be a photo that portrays you or a logo.

It is also important to take care of the description of your profile and the gigs, paying particular attention to the keywords and tags that are inserted in such a way as to be more easily found on search engines by customers who search even outside of Fiverr. The platform also allows you to enter meta tag information for SEO optimization. You can also add a presentation video.

In addition to this it is good to include demos in your profile that can induce the customer to choose you.

After having published your gigs, you can view the section dedicated to orders that can be selected and accepted. Once the work has been approved, the countdown starts indicating the delivery time to be respected.

Basically, payment is made 14 days after delivery of the work.

For those who know the English language, it is advisable to put it before Italian in order to address a much wider audience.

Furthermore, if you are away from home and do not have your laptop with you, you can always download the Fiverr app on your smartphone. In this way you will always be operational wherever you are.

How to be found on Fiverr?
During registration, it is possible to adopt some strategies to be found more easily by potential buyers.

First of all, it is good to take a look at the most popular competitors on the platform and then try to imitate them, for example their way of presenting themselves, but then trying to find a way to do it in a more original way. On Fiverr to attract customers it is important to have a good profile, complete and full of information.

Another tip is to check which are the most requested gigs and then if it is within your possibilities, you too offer those types of services.

In the beginning, to try to attract the attention of as many buyers as possible, gigs can be offered at more advantageous prices than the offers of the competition and very short delivery times.

Once the customer finds you, it is also important to speak professionally and comprehensively. To make your profile attractive are also the positive reviews released by customers where the ratings reach a maximum score of five stars, they can also recommend your services.

How much do you earn with Fiverr?
How much do you earn with Fiverr?

After creating an account on Fiverr it is necessary to make yourself noticed and therefore to be found more easily on the platform as freelance professionals.

Surely most of you are wondering how much you earn with Fiverr, but as you can imagine it is not possible to give a certain answer. One of the factors influencing profit is certainly the time spent working on the marketplace and others are the quality and quantity of the services and services provided, for example, there is earning more than 2,000 euros per month but c ‘is also those who earn only 100 euros. For your work you must focus on competitive prices, but this does not mean that you have to sell off your time and your business.

We have just seen that the gain varies from the quality and quantity of the services and consequently the more positive reviews you will receive at the end of your work and the more new customers you will be able to win and this means greater profit.

There are freelancers who generally offer three types of offers for the same gig, that is, we talk about Basic, Standard and Premium which in turn can be modified according to the delivery times that are more restricted and even more cost. Therefore, for each gig that is offered, extra services can be added that will entail a surcharge on the cost initially established.

As we have seen previously, for each compensation received, 20% commissions must be paid to Fiverr and if you decide to transfer your balance to PayPal, the commission costs for the service must also be calculated in this case.
Buyers of the service also have to pay Fiverr a commission worth two dollars for gigs that do not exceed $ 40 and instead for jobs with higher amounts, 5% must be deducted.

At the end of this article we can say that it is an excellent platform for people who work as freelancers.

Many are able to support themselves only with the work carried out on Fiverr, while others manage to integrate the work they already do. It allows you to obtain, through a practical and fast system, good profits that naturally vary from person to person, for example based on their experience and also on the number of hours spent on the platform.

It is also ideal for those looking for a professional who is able to do a job in a short time and at a good price.

The platform is very easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface and it is no coincidence that it is very popular with freelancers.

For those who want to work on their own with Fiverr, they can do it, which means that they are free to manage their working times and, moreover, it can be done from anywhere in the world.

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