How To Earn Money From YOUTUBE

So you wanna know about How To Earn Money From YOUTUBE, In this Post, I am going to tell you all about making money from YouTube.

How To Earn Money From YOUTUBE
How To Earn Money From YOUTUBE

The first thing to do is to create a youtube channel. You should be consistent in Making, Creating, and Uploading videos or content.

Try to interact with your audience. When you upload on a regular basis your channel grows automatically, FInd your niche about which you are going to create videos.

Ask your audience to like share and subscribe it feels like direct interaction with your viewers, Be the cheetah in your field.

youtube has a requirement of 1000 subscribers and 4000 HRS watch time to enable monetization on your channel so that you can earn through Google AdSense.

Conclusion is :

  • signup
  • login
  • create channel
  • optimize it by adding related tags in settings in YouTube creator studio.
  • upload regularly and be consistent.
  • Never use third-party resources to reach the monetization requirements.
  • upload content and your audience will find you you don’t have to find them.
  • There are many niches for YouTube, You can select The one you want to work on.
  • you will earn money from youtube through AdSense, sponsorships (the biggest way to earn a lot ), AD revenue, Channel memberships, Merch shelf, Super chat super stickers, youtube premium revenue


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