How can a student earn money online?

How students can earn money online.

And you are a student, have you never noticed that you are wasting precious time? Wanna know How can a student earn money online?

By the precious time I refer to those who spend the whole afternoon playing online games, on Facebook and other social networks;

Are you also among those people who, not knowing what else to do on the internet, use it only to have fun on the usual sites?

I say this because looking back at the past I realize that I have wasted too much time chatting with friends online when I could have used the time in something more constructive such as a site.

The blog I started creating after my studies and I think I am very late compared to the competition that deals with my same topic (at least 2 years late), so have fun, always go out when you have the opportunity but instead of wasting time on the internet, you can take advantage of those 2-3 hours a day (which in a year will be 1000-1200 hours) for something that remains for you and that maybe makes you earn something because the alternative would be to stay 1000 hours a year on the internet and stay after with nothing in hand.

How can a student earn money online

So instead of always being on social networks, students but also just graduates and even housewives and all those who could carve out a space of daily time, I believe, that at least they should know what earning opportunity they are missing.

1) Make money with YouTube
How can a student earn money online?
How can a student earn money online

When it comes to online earnings, we cannot exclude YouTube, the online video portal as well as the 1st streaming site and among the 10 most visited sites currently. If you want to make money, YouTube is the place to be but you have to upload your own videos. Let’s say If you are a student and good at a subject (mathematics, geometry, history, etc.) you can create video tutorials.

If you feel embarrassed to show your face you can simply let yourself be filmed by explaining everything through pen and paper or if you want to be more innovative you must know that there are programs that record what you do on the screen and then you can use Paint, block notes and the like to make you understand. It is not an easy thing, you need to have several videos uploaded, with many comments, with many subscribers, and many views. If you do not have the numbers you will not be given the opportunity to become a YouTube partner and you will not be able to monetize by inserting Adsense on videos and then earning with clicks and visits on ads.

2) Create a blog, How can a student earn money online

How can a student earn money online
How can a student earn money online

I have said it in other articles in the past and I will repeat it endlessly, creating a blog is not difficult at all, it will only be challenging but it is still one of the main ways to make money online.
Too bad if the blog is done really well but you no longer have the time to manage it you can also sell it, in this regard you could write the price on the blog itself or turn to sites and more experienced people in this field.

3) Become a writer, How can a student earn money online

The alternative to creating a blog is to become “freelance”, that is, if you love to write and you succeed very well, your talent will be required by many sites. In short, you get paid every time you write a quality article. It is one of the best alternatives for students and housewives because there is no precise time limit and often the topic is free. In this regard, I suggest you read the guide on how to earn by writing reviews.

4) Selling products online, How can a student earn money online

Daraz, eBay, and Amazon are some leading sites for selling products online. If you have a blog you can join their affiliate program, review the product and if people buy it from your link you will earn a percentage of the product sold. You can make money by selling stuff you no longer need or if you are good you can buy products at low prices and resell them at a higher price (if you can).

6) Earn money by playing, How can a student earn money online

There are some sites that allow you to earn money by playing online, but I think that if your passion is games, in this case, you should create a gaming site or blog. where you can simply review them after playing them and understanding the basics and rules of the game (simpler solution) or allow people to play on your own site (braver choice).

7) Design of logos, banners, graphic themes, How can a student earn money online

How can a student earn money online
How can a student earn money online?

The guys are adept at using photo editing programs and often give away their work for a couple of likes on Facebook. In reality, the design of a logo and other graphics have a very high cost. Some interesting sites to sell your graphic creations are:

9) Translate texts

In addition to writing articles for others, there are also sites that already have texts but most likely, as they intend to create multilingual sites, they will have to adapt it through a good translation. If you know the foreign language well, you could also make money with online translations.

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