How to start a blog

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing okay. In this post I am going to tell you That:

How to start a blog.

The trend of blogging is increasing day by day and is becoming popular, its a great way to talk to the world and start earning from this platform.

Two websites that are mostly used to start blogging are blogger and WordPress, WordPress requires hosting but blogger doesn’t, You can buy a domain but if You are okay without a domain then no problem.

just signup create a blog .

Find you niche on which you are gonna work.

so name the blog according to your choice and it should be relatable with niche so it would be easy to find and rank it on google.

Write beautiful articles so that your audience loves them and share them on other social media platforms as it leads to getting more organic traffic to your blog.

Organic traffic and Backlinking leads google to rank your article very fast and you will see in a few months your blog will be ranking on google

How to start a blog
How to start a blog

When you start afresh blog or website try to be more consistent, try at least to post at least two articles or blog posts a day The more content you have more you can engage the audience.

Once you see that your blog is working well and you are having a good audience on each post then you can apply for AdSense to generate good revenue for yourself as it will always motivate your to work harder.

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